Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome from "Mrs. Gillespie's Thoughts"!!!!!!

I have moved to my new blog and will post here exclusively now.  (Ahem...clear your throat, cue older man voice through a megaphone)  "Attention:  traffic is now being diverted over here.  Proceed with caution.....!"

It's still me.  I'm still the same girl.  But why am I redirecting traffic to my new blog?  Well, it's time for a change.  New outlook.  New life.  I won't bore you with the details.  :)

It's just a personal thing.  God has been incredibly faithful through this past year and I know He has great things in store for me.  I am going to put on my big girl panties, slap on my high heels, and invite great and wonderful things into my life. 
And God will be with me each step of the way. 

By the way, 
Happy 4th of July!  
I just love our country and all of the celebrations associated with the love of the good ole' USA- Souza music, sparklers, picnics, family, baseball, parades, and fireworks (as long as they are done when I hit the bed....!).  My aren't we so very blessed! 

So, go ahead and follow me over here now.  Good times, I tell you, good times......!!  :)

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